envy / `envi / noun (plural envies) ~ resentful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another, joined with a desire to possess the same advantage.

At The Fitout Studio we design commercial fitouts that look fresh, work effortlessly, and add personality. Our fitout company in Brisbane lets you create spaces with a designer aesthetic that catches the eye and creates envy.


What we do

We offer a range of fitout services for commercial spaces. From designing your space to furnishing and maintenance, we do it all in-house.

Commercial Fitout Design

Our design team has over two decades of expertise in designing interiors and can offer you a range of office layout options as per your requirements. We create everything from floor plans to sketches and concepts to give you an overall idea of your office fitout before it’s built. We leverage innovative ideas to bring your vision to life.

Retail Fitout Design

Designing retail spaces is our specialty where we create fitouts that ooze with style and generate sales. Having successfully designed consumer stores, showrooms and other creative retail outlets, we pay close attention to your shop fitting requirements. We effectively optimise costs and deliver your project before the deadline and on budget.

Construction & Furnishing

Apart from design we also offer construction services. Our in-house team of carpenters and site supervisors have immense passion and expertise for crafting spaces that stand out. Be it ceilings, power, lighting, furniture or joinery our site staff pays utmost attention to detail so you can be rest assured your project will be completed to the highest quality standards.

Defits & Alterations

Whether you are renovating your commercial space or moving to a larger one, our team makes defitting as seamless as possible. At our fitout company in Brisbane, we offer alterations of spaces for all types and sizes of businesses.

Office Styling

Post construction, we also style your space to suit different industrial or contemporary appearances as per your desire. We take care of everything from furniture placements to color consultations, lighting selections, and even restyling of your existing accessories or furniture.


We are prompt with our maintenance services and cover facility maintenance for the commercial spaces we build. We readily offer scheduled maintenance to rectify any problems and issues that arise with the fitouts.

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Our work at a glance

Why choose us as your Fitout company in Brisbane

Fresh Design Ideas

We pride ourselves for our innovative use of ideas. We help you come up with design concepts that not just look great but enhance the functionality and versatility of your fitout.

Cost Savings

Thanks to our efficient use of resources and skills we are able to achieve a high level of cost efficiency for your project. We help you make the most of your budget and save costs in the long run.

Professional Expertise

We have been in the interior design industry for a long time and have a total of fifty years of combined experience in interior design and project management. We also have skilled in-house crew at your service for any requirement.

Friendly Service

Our design and build teams are personable so you can openly discuss your requirements. Our staff as well as the director can happily assist you throughout your project, answer questions, and offer suggestions.

Create envy with your fitout

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