Attractive Retail Fitouts in Brisbane

The Fitout Studio delivers beautiful retail fitouts in Brisbane Northside and Southside. We cater to a range of industries to design retail spaces that elevate style and sales.

Whether you are a small retail business or a full-fledged store, we help you design, build and furnish high-quality fitouts that are replete with designer furnishing aesthetics.

With over two decades of expertise in creating fitouts, we specialise in shop fitting for convenience stores, specialty retailers, supermarkets, and many more retail outlets. We pay close attention when creating shop interiors and bring out all the little details in your space that resonate with your brand.

Why you need good interior design for retail?

Having a bland interior design for your retail space isn’t enough. You have to make optimum and creative use of space to present your products attractively to your customers. Showcasing products in such a way engages customers and generates sales.

Being aware of the importance of interior design and the role it plays in retail structures, we offer creative fitout solutions that are both attractive and offer robust functionality.

Thanks to our in-house team of skilled artisans, interior designers, and project managers, we can flexibly provide custom shop fittings to suit any kind of requirements.

As professional retail fit out designers in Brisbane, we go the extra mile to make every aspect of your space unique such that customers have a memorable experience, each time they visit your retail outlet.

Expertise you can count on

Our design and build teams have professional expertise in creating shop fittings across small, medium, and large scale requirements. Our fifty years of combined experience allows us to deliver your project under tight deadlines while effectively optimising costs at the same time.

Our passion for the craft of designing and building ensures you get shop fittings that are bespoke, innovative, and practical as per retail design standards.

To learn more about what we offer, check our services or contact us to book a free consultation.

Uncompromised quality with hassle-free delivery

To make your retail space one of a kind, our skilled staff and build teams involve you at every stage to ensure your fitout is built exactly as you desire. At our manufacturing worksite in Brisbane, we also choose the highest quality materials and products to give that designer aesthetic to your venue. We provide all the needed assistance and support from conception to delivery so you get to enjoy a retail experience without any kind of stress or delay.

Retailers we serve

We cater to a wide range of retailers in Brisbane and have successfully finished projects for major businesses. We serve retailers that include:

  1. Specialty outlets
  2. Grocery stores
  3. Supermarkets
  4. Showrooms
  5. Clothing stores
  6. Home furnishers
  7. Convenience stores

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